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Limited Edition Prints of 'Snow Leopards' by Matt Condie.


10% of each print sold will go to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to support conservation efforts for snow leopards and other endanged specifies in need. Also, only 50 prints of each size will ever be produced.


This piece is professionally printed on Epson Natural Fine Art paper using the top of the line Epson archival inks guaranteed for approximately 400 years of lasting quality.


Each print is hand signed, dated, and numbered by me and comes with a certificate of authenticity.


The original was scanned and printed by a leading Canadian fine art printing company where every pencil mark was captured with outstanding detail. I guarantee that these prints will come as close to buying the original as possible.


The original piece was done entirely in graphite pencil and is the culmination of approximately 70 hours of work. I would love these prints to go to good homes where they can be enjoyed for a lifetime.


Your print will be lovingly prepared and rolled into a postage tube, and will be shipped within 2-7 busines days.

Snow Leopards | Limited Edition Print

SKU: 364215375135191
PriceFrom C$64.95
  • $18 US or $25 CAD shipping fees across North America. Your print will be lovingly prepared and rolled into a postage tube, with tracking information shared with you via email!

  • Snow leopards are one of the most majestic and elusive big cats in the world. Found in the rugged mountains of Central Asia, they are built for the cold and spend their lives crossing thousands of kilometres to feed and breed.


    They’ve adapted to live and hunt among dangerous mountainous terrain, so their powerful legs allow them to jump as far as 50 feet! Their giant tail can grow to be over 3 feet long which allows them to balance on even the narrowest of ledges.


    Adult snow leopards live alone and they only interact with other leopards during the breeding season. Snow leopard cubs are raised by their mothers who will teach them vital survival skills over a period of 18-22 months. After that, the cubs will be self-dependant and often never see their mother again.


    Even though these animals are absolutely beautiful, only 4,000 snow leopards remain in the wild. Poaching, habitat loss and retaliatory killings due to loss of livestock are threatening their survival.


    To learn more about snow leopards and how you can support conservation efforts by the WWF, follow this link:

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